Friday, December 31, 2010

Specialty English QQ Group of Science and Technology Research [129432610]

Shall I invite you to join our QQ group?  129432610

It is a Specialty English Communication Group for those who major in science and technology.
As a Public QQ group, just for study or research, not for entertainment!

We are young precursors, so hope more people who love to do research can join us, and share knowledge with us. Here I’d love to say thank you for your help.

Friday, October 01, 2010

I reactived this blog as my international blog! is created at 2007, as my first blog, used

But then, the blogsport/blogger site has been close off by GTW of China.P.R for the politcal reasion. I hate the gay who attack China for his causa turpis. But I like blogger and google. That's too regrettable.

And then, I choosed live space as my internasional blog. But, at present, it is closed by Microsoft, so I have to find another site.

At the end, I use, to create this blog site,, as my new international blog.
It's history of this blog.

I have a skype

You can serch “” in skype, if you have one.

Chatting words

When I chat with others, I could understand some short words.
Thanks google, I can found their means.
btw(by the way)
g2g(got to go): I‘ve got to go.
ttyl(talk to you later)
brb(be right back), namly, I’ll be right back , or I‘m gonna be right back.

I had a short name!

Michael expained to me why others call him "Mike", because it's his short name.
I have a net name "Begtostudy".My chianese name is 白途思.
So, my short name could be "Beck", So, other guys could call me Beck!

My other blogs

My Professional Technology Blog!(in Chinese)


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why I begin my english blog? Because, I want to "record my life-journey" - my always believe. My english is not good, I know this, but I think one should have a process, a growing process and will win finally. So I don't want to lose this process, and I record it and everything.

That's all.

Saturday, March 10, 2007





Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is blogger blog or diary? 怎么没有标题栏啊?!no topic?

不说了,谈谈Why I was named Begtostudy?


后来回想自己这些年得经历,发现在中国,学习居然是一种奢侈。中考,高考,考研... ...大量的时间和经历都花在这些没什么实际意义,仅仅是获得学习机会的事情上,而真正在贡献上却微乎其微。所以,我给自己起了网名begtostudy,其意义是乞求社会能够给与我学习的机会,并非是乞讨挣钱去学习。当然也有这方面的意思,因为父亲常说,“只要能考上,就是要饭也要供你们读书。”