Friday, October 01, 2010

I reactived this blog as my international blog! is created at 2007, as my first blog, used

But then, the blogsport/blogger site has been close off by GTW of China.P.R for the politcal reasion. I hate the gay who attack China for his causa turpis. But I like blogger and google. That's too regrettable.

And then, I choosed live space as my internasional blog. But, at present, it is closed by Microsoft, so I have to find another site.

At the end, I use, to create this blog site,, as my new international blog.
It's history of this blog.

I have a skype

You can serch “” in skype, if you have one.

Chatting words

When I chat with others, I could understand some short words.
Thanks google, I can found their means.
btw(by the way)
g2g(got to go): I‘ve got to go.
ttyl(talk to you later)
brb(be right back), namly, I’ll be right back , or I‘m gonna be right back.

I had a short name!

Michael expained to me why others call him "Mike", because it's his short name.
I have a net name "Begtostudy".My chianese name is 白途思.
So, my short name could be "Beck", So, other guys could call me Beck!

My other blogs

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